History of IIT

IIT France is now renamed IIT Europe.
Illinois Institute of Technology - France, was founded in November 1998 with its address in Paris, France. IIT Europe is under the Office of International Affairs at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

The center is an administrative one.
The regions under its jurisdiction are : Europe, Latin and S. America. Applicants from countries from these aforementioned regions, interested in applying to and attending Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, are encouraged to send their inquiries to Dr. Misquita at IIT Europe (iitparis@aol.com or misquita@iit.edu).


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The functions of the office under its Director, Dr. Misquita are the following:

1. The creation of bilateral partnerships with reputable universities in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and S.E. Asia in order to provide opportunities for joint research, applying to double degree programs (Master's level) and/or transfer and/or visiting undergraduate programs (Undergraduate/Bachelor's level) at IIT Chicago.

Coordinating the application process for selected students from partner schools interested in applying to Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago at either the undergraduate and/or graduate level.

Monitoring all inquiries and applications relating to research (short-term and/or long-term), internships in a laboratory at IIT Chicago. Maximum duration for internship possible is 1 year.

Any university and/or student from the regions under IIT Europe's jurisdiction, interested in developing a partnership with IIT and knowing more about the types of programs should contact its Director, Dr. Misquita at IIT Europe.
Any university interested in visiting IIT Chicago, should contact Dr. Misquita for a preliminary discussion and arrangement of visit to IIT Chicago, prior to visiting IIT Chicago.