Undergraduate Degree Seeking Program

• Freshman applicants – Completion of high school (minimum 12 years)

• Transfer applicants – Completion of high school (minimum of 12 years) and at least 2 years at a recognized & accredited university/college offering recognized Bachelor's degrees. Please note that 1 or 2- year diploma degrees, such as certificates in software engineering or C++ or business management, etc., will not be considered as an academic degree at IIT.

• Atypical applicants – Completion of all studies in a country, other than the U.S., and the applicant is a U.S. citizen or US permanent resident. Such applicants if attending a non-US accredited school overseas, may submit the international application form and indicate under citizenship – U.S. Such applicants are also eligible for US financial aid but not for the IIT international partial merit scholarships.