Graduate Non-Degree Research Program

IIT invites you to apply to become a short-term research scholar only under the following conditions:
a. your school is an IIT partner school
b. you have been pre-selected by your school
c. The international office has submitted your name and email contact info to the IIT Director of Overseas Programs

• Duration: 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year
• Applies to those interested in doing their research project at IIT for any of the periods mentioned above
• The research topic is usually decided once the applicant has been accepted

Application deadlines
Fall semester ( mid-August - mid-December) - February 14th
Spring semester ( mid-January - mid-May) - October 15th

Application procedure 

Required documents include the following:
• Download the Non Degree Research Application Form
• One-page CV or résume
• 2 letters of recommendation
• Professional statement: please indicate the particular area of research that you would like to pursue. Alternatively, if you have an idea of a project that you would like to realize at IIT, please indicate (1) your experience in the research area (if any), (2) courses you’ve taken related to the research topic or area, and (3) three professors within the same department at IIT with whom you would like to do research.
• Certified transcripts in english of courses completed at your current university
J1 Research scholar request form. Once approved, then you may submit your transcripts certified in the native language and in English, in original, and send by post to the department coordinator at IIT. • Insurance information -
• Financial document - see attached file Financial Affidavit 2013
• Copy of the name page of your passport

How to proceed:
1. Complete the above documents and scan and email them to Dr. Misquita (
2. Dr. Misquita will contact the IIT professors mentioned in your statement of purpose or professional statement
3. If one of the professors agrees, the department at IIT will issue the applicant an invitation letter and the DS2019. If no professor agrees, then the applicant may withdraw his/her application to IIT or ask about other alternatives.

TOEFL or IETLS is NOT required for short-term research. However, all applicants must be initially pre-selected by their respective schools based on good academic standing, successful completion of required courses in order to pursue research, research potential of the applicant and a good english proficiency level.

Once accepted, please submit all remaining forms directly to the Department coordinator ( use the link -Contact- mentioned in the lower portion of the page and add by the side of Department coordinator)- such as the J1 research scholar request form, financial document, copy of the name page of the passport & transcripts certified in the native language, where applicable.

Once accepted: Next Steps

Please note: if you are offered an invitation to participate in the graduate non-degree research program you will be required to fill out the additional forms below.

Financial support form. Please complete this form with your sponsor. You and your sponsor will have to sign the form and your sponsor's bank must produce an original letter stating that you have the amount indicated on the form available for 6 months of research at IIT to cover your living and other expenses. This amount refers to research done at the following schools at IIT: Armour College of Engineering, School of Applied Technology, College of Science and Letters, Institute of Psychology, and the College of Architecture.

If you are planning to do research for 3 months or less no registration fee is required at IIT. However, it is important to show availability of funds amounting to approximately $1300 USD per month for living expenses. Insurance will be extra.

• Make sure to get two originals from your sponsor's bank as it is likely that the US consulate will ask for an original bank statement and/or bank letter when applying for the J1 short-term research scholar visa at IIT.

• A scanned copy of your passport (name page only)

• Please scan proof of your certified Bachelor's degree equivalent (in english, issued by your school) if you have completed 4 years of study in Spain or 3-year Bachelor's degree equivalent


• The cost for the next academic year August 2013-May 2014 will change and will be posted on the following website by Feb or March 2014 - - please pay attention to the new cost when completing the financial support form.

Stuart School of Business:
Institute of Design:

3-month research is exclusively over the summer - anytime between mid-May through mid-August. There is no registration fee payment required for 3-month research
6-month research requires a payment of a registration fee of 2 credit hours for the first semester and 1 credit hour for the following semester. Payment is made upon arrival at IIT, per semester.
12-month research requires a payment of a registration fee of 2 credit hours per semester. Payment is made upon arrival at IIT, per semester.
Please note that the cost per credit hour is different for the Stuart School of Business and the Institute of Design if pursuing research in the fields offered by these two schools.

1. Please note that 3-month or 6-month research falls under the J1 short-term research scholar category.
2. We do NOT use the word internship for such research.
3. Research done at any of our laboratories at IIT for the above durations is UNPAID.
4. IIT DOES NOT assist any APPLICANTS in finding research in companies in the U.S.
5. For those interested in staying on to pursue another Master's degree or Phd degree at IIT depending on the IIT department's suggestion, please note the immigration requirements as regards Change of Status (COS) from J1 to F1 visa category.

a. Change of status (COS): Within the United States. Only J-1s who are not subject to the 2-year home residency requirement can change status from within the U.S. In addition, only those who's J-1 status (DS-2019) remains active while the change of status is pending may accept tuition and stipends from IIT, where applicable. Those with DS-2019s that expire while the change of status is pending may not accept tuition and stipends from IIT. Both may begin studying while the Change of Status is pending. They would obtain an I-20 issued for change of status from IIT Graduate admissions only if qualified for admission and proof of funds is shown, pay the SEVIS fee, and submit the COS application (I-539) to the USCIS and fee $290.

b. Travel and re-entry in F-1 status. For those subject to the 2 year home residency requirement, or those who do not have time to apply for COS (Change of Status from J1 to F1) from within the U.S. (due to international travel needs or desire to be eligible for tuition and stipend) will need to obtain an initial attendance I-20 from IIT, pay the SEVIS fee, and apply for an F-1 visa at a U.S. Consulate in their home country.

6. Since the research will fulfill your Projet de Fin D'etude (if a French institution) or Proyecto fin de carrera (if a Spanish institution) for example, requirements at your home institution, please bring with you clear information about what your home institution requires for completion in order that your project at IIT, is validated by your home institution. Example - if you need to write a report - approx, length of the report, should the IIT professor provide a letter grade, should you present your project before a commiittee - if so, how many professors should be present in the committee, and finally to whom should the IIT professor send the graded report and any other details that your school may require.

Download the form to be completed by home institution and submitted via email to and the professor who will supervise your research.
Partner schools that have completed the research form listing their requirements for the research project: ENSEIRB-MATMECA.doc, ETSII-UPV.doc, ETSIT-UPM.pdf, MS_Thesis_ETSIT-UPM.pdf, IITPforzheimv2.doc.
• To follow-up with the application procedure and paperwork once approved by the IIT professor, please contact the department coordinator of the department to which you have applied.

Note that when you register for research credits at IIT, you can opt for the research course number 594 if you only want a Pass or Fail grade or 597 course number if you wish for a letter grade ( A, B etc.). Please verify whether your school requires a letter grade or just a Pass or Fail grade, prior to departing for the U.S.

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